Museums and Sites in Munich

Munich has a number of fantastic museums and sites. The city is definitely worth visiting any time of the year.

When I left Oktoberfest I found myself at the Deutsches Museum. I was told repeatedly that I had to see the museum and that I would need to go back for a few days to really see the whole thing. At first I was unimpressed. I found myself in a hall full of machine parts that were labeled in German. Even after three weeks, I still cannot read German. Then things got more interesting. There was an amazing aeronautical exhibit with all kinds of flying machines. Then a space exhibit, A physics exhibit, one on music, one on clocks, one on astronomy, one on printing. The museum went on and on and on. I stayed until they kicked everyone out at 5:00.

The next day I visited the Staatliche Antikensammlunge. This museum has and impressive collection of ancient Greek Pottery. I learned a ton about the changes in art and pottery styles from 500 AD, such as how the style of drawing went from black figures on red to red figures on black. The pottery tells the story of leisure and religious beleifs at the time. Across from this museum is the Glyptothek Sculpture Museum. I took a lot of photos here.

Munich also has the Pinakothek Galleries. The Neue Pinakothek contains art from the 1700's to 1900's. The Alte Pinakothek contains art from the 1300s onward. ThePinakothek der Moderne contains art from the the 1900's onward. I only had time to visit the Neue Pinakothek, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Here are some of my favorite paintings from this gallery. I included the few I found with Brittany Spaniels too, of course.

I also visited the English Gardens, where I saw people surfing on a river. Apparently Munich has the only inland wave in Europe.

I missed seeing the Botanische Staatssammlung und Botanischer Garten where there are 14,000 different types of plants with 4 acres inclosed under glass roofs. That alone would be worth going back to see, along with another visit to the Hofbrauhaus which I will write about next.

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