My Oktoberfest Story

It was a cold and wet morning. It felt colder than it had been in the Mountains of Switzerland. I chose the Palmer tent and sat down at an empty table. It was 10:10 and the tent was only about a tenth full. It must have been the unseasonably cold weather because I was told by everyone that the tents would be full by a quarter after ten. I opened the menu and was horrified to see that the they only sold one liter portions of beer, nothing smaller.

My husband had led me to believe that I would drink smaller beers, but no, this was not possible. Realizing that this was my chance to drink a beer at Oktoberfest in a tent, I ordered a beer which was brought to me by a waitress with a wrist brace (No wonder with how many liters of beer they carry. I saw a girl my size carrying at least 8). I began to drink. At first it was easy but as I got closer to finishing I had to slow down. I needed food, but it was three times as expensive in the tent as out of it. I drank water and almost gave up but was driven to continue by the curse of the unfinished beer. A man in lederhosen came by selling pretzels. I bought one and I think it saved me. After what seemed like an eternity I finished my liter of beer. I got up rather unsteadily and left the tent in search of more substantial food than a pretzel. I ate a brautworst as I wandered the fair grounds for a few hours. There were puppet shows and roller coasters and a silly bike race. After a while I was bored and left to discover other things about the city.

A nicer day at Oktoberfest a few days later
Taken on my last day in Munich
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