Slashrun on Kickstarter: You did it!

Dec 5, 2017 · 3 min read
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After 30 days of Kickstarter campaign, 178 coffees, 1 Station F Tour™ to meet hundred of passionate people, 45 shares and retweet on social networks, Slashrun is now officially 108% funded and on track to be a reality thanks to our 112 crazy backers! It has been a fun and intense ride, uh? You did it! Thanks a lot guys!

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Station F — Create Zone — Where the Station F Tour™ began!

So, what’s next? Our goal is to give a Slashrun beta access to our backers early 2018 (iPhone and Android). We are now 100% commit on the production of Slashrun. As you already maybe know, Alex is working hard on concepts and 3D assets. Romain is focused on coding and optimization to smoothly run the game on a large panel of smartphones (and believe us, that is a big deal). Nicolas is designing the user interface of the game and the Slashrun goodies for our lovely backers!

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Slashrun — Main menu

For technical geeks and curious cats, here are some details about our production tools.

We work with Unity 3D to develop Slashrun. Unity 3D is the most used game engine to code cross-platform games. Big plus, it is free for personal use! It means that you can start learning and coding your game without spending a dime. Once you acquired game design and coding experience, you can go further and get a “Pro” membership. That is a very cool and flexible model for us.

Maya is a reference for 3D Artists. This software is used for video games but also for movie GFX. Maya is a must have for video game and GFX studios like Ubisoft, Electronic Arts, Dreamworks or Pixar to list a few.

For user flows and screen prototypes, we use Adobe Experience Design (XD).

User interface is created with Adobe Photoshop. Do we need to present Photoshop? Ok, let’s do it. Photoshop is one of the best tool to design (mostly) 2D stuff like graphic visuals, infographic, user interface or photo retouching (among other things).

Slack, Skype and Trello!

That’s all for today, folks! We have a ton of work awaiting us! Again, thanks a lot for your support and we will keep you informed, for sure! Stay tuned Slashers! ;)

Advenwork is a full remote video game studio. Everyone in our team works from his prefered place to create appealing and addictive games for every pockets!

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