The Gaming Blockchain — A story about video games and a red car.

Oct 23, 2017 · 4 min read
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Bitcoin. Ethereum. Monero. On Twitter, LinkedIn and tech websites, everybody is talking about cryptocurrencies and the future they are shaping. Sure, that is a real disruption of the current banking system. Tough, cryptocurrencies are just one application of the true technological revolution that makes this upheaval possible. Do you know the name of this breakthrough technology? The Blockchain.

So, what is the blockchain? To over simplify the concept, the blockchain is a massive and distributed database, hosted and constantly checked by every members who want to be part of this worldwide collaborative project. It means that everybody owns the database. And that nobody is the owner. It also means that for every operation made to the database (so the blockchain), the links of this global chain will check and must agree on the fact that you have the right ownership to access and/or modify the requested data.

The red car principle.

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To over simplify again, let’s make the concept more tangible. You bought a really nice red car. You drive on the city streets and a guy stops you. You get out of the car. The guy comes to you and says right into your face that the car you drive is his property. So, to prove to him that it’s actually your car, you present him the registration and the insurance card of the vehicle with your name on it. The guy insists. So, you call the police.

With the current centralized database model, the policeman represents the established power and will officially deliberate. Is it actually your car or not? Most of the time, it’s ok. But what if the policeman is corrupted?

With the blockchain, this situation could be avoided. To prove your legible ownership of the car, you could instantly teleport your best friend to testify that it is indeed your car. Good, but not enough. So you bring all your friends. And your colleagues. Your neighbours. And the seller of the car. And people you barely know but you know they are honest and they will be ok to testify, because they are certain you tell the truth. Then, the guy who want your car stops a man in the street and give him 100 bucks to lie and get behind him. And another. And another. And so on… But soon enough, the bad guy realize that he will spend the price of the car to recruit people. Corruption is costly. His little trick ends quickly.

Then, all these people grouped at the same place are arguing but the debate ends even more quickly. The majority agrees: Yes, it is your car, the data is true. Surrounded by hundreds of people helping you, you kick out the troublemakers. End of the discussion. All of this in a fraction of a sec.
Here are the superpowers of the blockchain. Incorruptibility. Reliability. Security. Privacy.

What if we apply the blockchain magic to video games?

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At Advenworks, we want to give these super powers to video games. Romain and I had this concept vision when we were Producers and worked together at Ubisoft on Assassin’s Creed and Watch_Dogs on what was used to be called “Game to Web”: websites and applications that extend the video game experience wherever you are, manipulating sensitive gamers data.

We then started to think about an open source brick to link video games and the blockchain. We want to unify all critical games data like player account info, personal data, owned items (characters, inventory, currency, software licences) but also statistics, scores and leaderboards and store them into the blockchain to guarantee to players AND video game studios the absolute security and reliability of such critical data. With the blockchain applied to video games, no more hacked game accounts, stolen game licences or score cheating. No more attacks on database servers and following game services interruptions.

This vision of absolute incorruptibility can be a reality thanks to the blockchain technology. With Advenworks and The Gaming Blockchain R&D project, we started this crazy adventure full of challenges.

Thoughts? Comments? Feel free to share! Interested? Come join us!

Advenwork is a full remote video game studio. Everyone in our team works from his prefered place to create appealing and addictive games for every pockets!

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