How is it like hitting 40 in 2017? …blending high-tech and new-age to make sense out of this life.

I’m starting this blog to share my experience trying to make sense out of the world we live in today, with its codes, its norms that became the new standards, and its continuously wired individuals. Hitting the big four is probably just an excuse… I’m not at my first mid-life crisis. Every now and then, since my early childhood years, I’ve been asking questions and trying to find answers. Is it my restless mind? or is it the heritage of many past (mid-)lives crisis that trickled down and left their ripples in my current mind?

Whatever it is, the questions are persistent, and the answers must be out there. I’m all set on a quest to find them. Sometimes, I see glimpses of them in the lives of others and the choices they’ve made. Others that I meet throughout my travels. A true source of inspiration. I’m lucky to have a job that buckles me up on a plane seat every now and then, and leaves me enough time to explore, roam around and discover. I’m lucky to cross the roads of women and men who become inspirational characters in the stories I’ll be sharing in this blog about snapshots of moments in their lives, their secret recipes, their (and my) favorite addresses, recommended readings, songs and poems, remedies, all of the above, or any other pleasurable joy-provoking, happiness-inducing detail.

I believe that sharing pleasure, multiplies it. It is just like when you split a single atom, it divides into a larger number of components. Its force doesn’t dwindle, on the contrary, in the act of sharing and splitting, a powerful energy is unleashed, and it inundates all those who come close enough. Let’s be generous and split the atoms of pleasurable experiences! Enjoy the splashes and the waves of their unlocked energy. Share my blog ;-)