Meeting lovebirds in Puerto Morelos!

We were taking our end of day stroll in the street parallel to the main avenue, itself parallel to the beach. The evening sun to our back exaggerated the outreach of things that looked infinitely longer and thinner than they really were, stretching their shadows too far into space and surface. With their outmeasured length, they craved attention from the eye of the beholders, but they didn’t stand for long the competition of the profusion of highly saturated colors everywhere along the sides of the road. The eye moves instinctively away from the elongated shadows that fade away irremediably, to linger over the brightened reds, blues, greens and hues of yellow.

Against the backdrop of an unbearably red bougainvillea, immaculately pasted against a marbled blue sky, the loud chirping of two birds ended up winning the prize: our attention. There was an overly excited male singing and dancing to the rhythm of his own melody in what looked, even to amateur ornithologists, like an effort to seduce the lady by his side. A mating dance ritual was being performed right there, on the hanging electricity cable above our heads. In a reflex that became encoded into the DNA of the human race, I pulled my phone out of my pocket and tried to get closer to snap a picture of this couple in the making. I made efforts to move imperceptibly, not wanting to scare them off. She was constantly jumping to his right, only for him to do his little feathery act and move to her right on his turn. They moved sideways, rightward, all along the hanging length of the cable. My intrusive presence, or perhaps reaching the limits of the cable against a pole, abruptly interrupted the show. Perhaps, it was part of the script of this well rehearsed ritual that dictated they hide into the brunches of the bougainvillea exactly at this very moment. Perhaps, his act was convincing enough, and it was time to pass to action, away from the curiosity of amused voyeurs.

The privilege of witnessing this scene made us cheer and chat like the children we once were. Did you see that? did you see how fast he moved! They’re so cute! …Couples on vacation.

We reached our hotel and our souls were still touched by the grace of the scene we just lived. Eager to stay longer under the sun, we made our way to the swimming pool. We are both greedy for the warmth and the light of this heavenly ball of fire of which we never get enough in our North-european hometown. The brightest spot on the pool side had two deckchairs perfectly oriented to soak up every particle of the last hour of sun. To our dismay, they were already occupied. The couple laying there was not in the making. They were not performing any mating ritual, and were not commending our attention. But it seemed that our presence caught theirs. She was first to greet us and jumped to a sitting position.

>> to be continued