Top 5 Apps for an Affordable Dream Vacation in Greece

A pre-planned vacation or a last-minute trip to the islands, a long-stay visit in Greece or an overnight stop? Whatever type of traveler you are, here are 5 Must-Have Apps for your phone!

Traveling around the world, visiting and exploring new countries and cultures, and of course, making new friends, is always fun and exciting. If you are thinking of visiting Greece, you should definitely plan a trip to at least one of the country’s many beautiful islands, like Mykonos and Santorini. Each Greek Island is will leave you in in awe of how unique and different they are in regards to the lifestyle, the activities provided, the natural beauty and the history.

Red Beach, Santorini island

Unfortunately, for many tourists, a trip to the greek islands can be a little expensive and if you are not familiar with the country, the language or the culture, it can become a little confusing as well. If you don’t get to travel with a local, it is possible that you’ll end up stressing over travel details, such as accomodation, transportation, the currency (if you are visiting from outside the Eurozone), navigating around the town, and not missing out on any of the fun activities and sights each island offers!

So to help you, and encourage you to visit the many wonderful greek islands, here is a short list of 5 Apps for your phone that you can use before and during your trip, that will help you enjoy an affordable and stress-free vacation in Greece!

Oia Village, Santorini island

Top 5 Apps for an Affordable Dream Vacation in Greece

1. Hotel Tonight

This first app, I suggest you download on your phone now, because it can come handy at any time! Hotel Tonight is mostly addressed to those last-minute adventurers, but can be really helpful if you find yourself stranded due to a delayed or canceled flight, or a mistake with your hotel booking. It can also come useful, if you are planning to island-hop and don’t want to stress over pre-bookings.

How it works: When hotels have unsold rooms, they load them on the app, giving you the opportunity to get them in lower prices, offering great deals. The team behind this app screens every hotel featured, and collaborate only with ones travelers will love. This way you get the freedom and flexibility to make an impulsive trip, while knowing you won’t be overcharged or left stranded.

2. Citymapper

Getting lost in a new city is something we have all experienced at times. Even as a local I have felt insecure when moving around a new area. Citymapper offers transportation solutions to make our travels easier, without the constant stress of getting lost or being late.

How it works: It allows you to check nearby departures and find the best walking, bus, subway, train, ferry, taxi, car-share or bike-share routes in real time. You can check all transportations, timetables, schedules and disruptions to find out the best and fastest way to arrive to your destination. You may even get an alert when you need to get off the bus, train etc. or when your favourite lines are disrupted.

3. Aegean Taxi App:

One problem you are likely to face if you are traveling to the greek islands, is transportation! Buses and taxis have a limited schedule, and if you are planning to stay out late and explore the nightlife, you will need an alternative to transfer back to you hotel, while even during the day, the waiting time can be well over 1 hour.

How it works: The Aegean Taxi is a 24/7 taxi service operating with a private fleet of cars and professional English speaking drivers. The app is very simple to use, similar to any taxi app you might be familiar with, like Uber. Aegean Taxi app is currently available in Mykonos & Santorini and lets you select the type of car you want to pick you up, which is a great, if you are traveling with a big company and need a car with more room, like a Mini Van, to accommodate your needs. The Mykonos and Santorini Taxi App offers payment flexibility, as you can pay with card, paypal or cash.

Santorini island

4. XE-Currency:

Besides getting lost, another important issue when traveling to a different country is currency! If you are traveling between different countries, this app will prevent currency confusion, that I know I have experienced in multiple occasions, or paying too much for an item you purchase.

How it works: If you are traveling abroad, especially to different countries, you will need to be able to calculate currencies on-the-go. The XE Currency App lets provides you with live exchange rates and charts, lets you calculate prices on your smartphone or tablet, while you can also set an XE Rate Alert to monitor your favorite currencies for immediate notification.

5. Memrise:

Last, but not least, I have included an app to help you lift the major barrier of communication in a foreign country. Although, this is mostly up to you and how interested you are in learning new languages, it can be very helpful to become acquainted with a few basic phrases that can make your days traveling around Greece more pleasant, and it will be easier to meet and speak with locals.

How it works: Memrise is a next-generation mobile learning technology and content that can help you memorise words and phrases in any language. What is very practical about this app, is that it lets you learn a new language using games, chatbots and native speaker videos, making simpler to do so while you are commuting or relaxing at home.

With these 5 Apps in hand you are more than ready to pick any island in Greece you wish and make your travel planning, simple, fun and affordable!