New Misinformation Podcast! Everything Misinfo — Episode 1 with Mike Hind

I’ve decided to create a podcast of frequent interviews with people who are doing interesting things in the misinformation and disinformation space. The idea is extremely simple, and will be very low budget to begin with, and will likely improve and expand as I receive evidence that anyone else wants me to continue doing this…

The plan is to line up interviews, slightly more than weekly, and for each episode have a quick intro, announcements, and news section before getting into an hour long (roughly) interview. My plan with the interviews is to keep it as simple and open as possible, with a few questions about the guest and what they specifically are working on and interested in, and then ask a few questions more generally about their opinions and experiences working in the misinformation space generally — what should we be doing more of? What isn’t working? etc.

Within that simple framework, I am looking for easy going natural conversations on interesting topics — where ever that may take us.

That’s it for now. The first episode is below. Apologies for the sound quality when Mike speaks — it does get better pretty quickly, but is never great. I will keep experimenting with different ways to improve quality as I progress, and slowly build up all of the other parts of this project — like maybe I will come up with a better name rather than a place holder name. Maybe even a logo one day too!

Oh, I also need to export the audio and upload it as a real audio podcast to the various podcast hosting platforms…or however that is done. (I haven’t looked into that in detail yet. Maybe tomorrow…)

Update: Currently hosting an audio version of this episode on Soundcloud, and have started to submit the RSS feed to various podcast broadcast systems (iTunes, Google Play, etc). I’m not rushing to do this though, because I still need to figure out if this is the best hosting option (it’s free!), or if it is worth paying the extra money for one of the alternatives. So I’ll keep working on this as everything becomes more clear and I will let you all know how to find the actual podcast broadcast when it is finally locked down.

For now, though, you will be able to continue to find out about the episodes by subscribing here, or to the Youtube Channel, or to that Soundcloud channel.