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And I also think post-November 2016, technology companies may have figured out that net neutrality is in a very long list of things or topics that a possible large section of their subscribers & patrons just don’t care about. As Michael Jordan famously said, “Republicans buy my sneakers too.” And so, as Netflix has done, many of them have probably made deals to make sure their service isn’t impacted once the neutrality rules are gone.

There’s also going to be court cases challenging the constitutionality of the net neutrality rules either way eventually, so even if the FCC does repeal (3–2, no scratch that, 2–1 by my prediction; Trump has two vacancies in the five panel FCC board he may never get around to appoint unless net neutrality is preserved.) it will probably take the Supreme Court to decide on whether net neutrality is constitutional and cannot be overturned by the FCC.

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