So, my subscription to Medium runs out very soon. I’ve decided not to renew.

The primary reason is actually pretty simple: I’m moving to another location on the Earth. I’m not saying where, I don’t want my family to know. I also don’t want my government to know. I don’t want either of them to try to beg me to return to decide after some time that they will flip their script on wanting a wall not so much to keep immigrants from getting in but rather to have their citizens from emigrating elsewhere.

There is another more basic reason. Medium does a pretty good job at making nearly every writer here feel like they have that one thing that is the most important thing here. If you’re following Jessica Wildfire or Umair Haque, it’s how the world is going to heck through two different lenses: Wildfire does it from the social, psychological, and educational perspective; Haque is more economic and also philosophical. Mike Meyers bridges the two, but also adds a higher level of philosophy about how things ought to change in terms of how we view hyper-objects and also how our governments will have to de-evolve into city-states from the failure of the nation-state. Scott Galloway is more of a street-smarts kind of educational and economics/entrepreneurs perspective. Tessa Schlesinger kind of mixes all of the above and also has an atheist slant. I have also two others who don’t really get involved in this apocalyptic current events drama: M.G. Siegler who focuses mostly on technology and Apple. I also have a group called “Monday Note” who are basically two frenchmen who focus on technology — especially Apple — and journalism.

I even have found myself honing on my one big thing. It’s two things: climate change and environment and population control, especially from the demographics perspective. I started to easily see how most things, while on the surface can be seen from the economic or climate change perspective, can also be seen from a medium-term perspective of population and demographic change. Thus, I can respectfully disagree with Galloway that China isn’t hesitant about militarily invading Taiwan because of its need for multinational corporations but rather it doesn’t know if they can afford losing the men ages 20–50 when their demographics suggest a huge drop-off from the next younger generation (0–19). China’s one-child policy lasted too long or perhaps should have never been done since technology advancements were going to do the work for them. Russia, on the other hand, have a similar demographic profile to that of China. And yet, Russia decided it could afford to invade Ukraine. Or perhaps noting a fear of being at the peak of natural resources and forecasts for an abyss in terms of gathering of these natural resources — especially the rare earth metals — decided they had to conquer Ukraine.

That was my one or two thing that I would harp on often on my replies. I’ve never really produced an original article on my own, just made replies to comments. It was easier to do that than to make original articles, which I think isn’t really the point about Medium, and they’ve changed things so that they would prefer that you write original articles from their PC/Mac browser version than the mobile version that a lot more people probably use on a daily basis. I think that will hurt them in the long-run. But, I also can see Medium isn’t really there to produce good articles, let along an alternative to journalism. That was closed off by Facebook and Twitter for written pieces; YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok for video and audio pieces. The longer this miasma that is COVID-19 festers, mutates, and continues, the more likely those will become the default for public and private education from Kindergarten to Seniors in High School, and possibly getting your Bachelorette at a College or University. I can certainly see multiple fractures forming in the various economic class strata. Those who go into an apprenticeship or technology school from the poor social-economic levels might have more success than those whom their only avenue for upward mobility might be the military, the one only venue that conservatives will accept as a kind of social security mechanism. Hey, you want us to pay your retirement? Become a soldier, is something I can easily see Conservatives tell their poorer constituents in the future.

As I forecasted after Biden’s victory over Trump, I didn’t see Biden be more than a single-term President. I thought at that time it would because he didn’t want to be a two-term president. He did this on the dying wishes of one of his sons. He became President, he was very old already, why would he want to go a full eight years? Obviously, COVID-19 changed everything. So has this Russian-Ukrainian war. I think Russia will prolong it for 3–4 years easily, with Putin hoping Xi will direct China to be “brave” and militarily take over Taiwan, seeing how the West reacts to this war. China has something like a Batman Gambit trope with a 200 year plan and thinking they’ve got everything figured out. (Their leaders have engineering degrees, it makes sense.) Even if somehow Biden beats Trump, or whomever is appointed as Trump’s successor, that just gives four more years to kick the can down the road. And if the IPCC report screams anything it’s we’ve got no more time to kick the can. (Which I think governments will ignore anyway. I have a feeling that next IPCC report will be about whether governments can get away with saving the planet after a 2.0 °C rise, as requested by the UN and other governments. I think the IPCC will reluctantly say “yes.”)

Moving away is just temporary in a sense. I’m moving away from essentially asylum reasons. There will be climate change asylum seekers, mostly from the Southern Hemisphere. I’m not brave enough myself to stay and fight, nor do I think I am strong enough to fight. I have other personal issues, especially mental ones, to focus on myself. You have to know yourself well, and I’d like to think that I do at this time. Fleeing is a valid move for political, social, and economic reasons, but not for global climate emergency reasons. Eventually, I hope once I’ve settled down and find a new vocation that I can start making a difference in a new locale. Until then, I’ve got to cut costs and live more simply. So, this membership has got to go.

I bid you adieu.



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