Working From Home is Never Worth It
Rosamund Lannin

Frankly we’re getting to the point where the old idea of a 9 am — 5 pm day for five days a week office/career lifestyle is going away completely, along with the concept of having a “career.” Our workplace is becoming more blue collar even in the white collar world, where you can be expected to work at any time, during any shift, and you might not get two days off in a row let alone any holidays off. Work life is less career oriented and more gig, service, or part-time oriented stuff, and more companies are anticipating that you will only to be loyal to them for a short to medium amount of time, and in some cases they aren’t even hiding that expectation under the guise of “loyalty” to you anymore. Some people love this, some people hate it.

The blur between work and home will only intensify when automation and robotics really start to kick-in.

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