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I find it interesting the dread is over Snapchat’s breech of privacy when as a business it’s getting taken to the woodshed (early on, at least) by Facebook’s Instagram which may turn out to be even more popular with the youth than Facebook. (Zuckerburg gets us coming or going, eh?)

These apps, and the smartphones frankly, are well poised to let everyone who doesn’t need to know where we are at any moment. And it saves it there in a way that makes a school’s “permanent record” seems benign by comparison. It’s the basis of a hokey CBS show that unconvincingly tried to show such lack of privacy can be used for good. No wonder the EU made Google and Facebook have options to remove such data permanently.

Amazon and Alphabet already uses all this personal data continually collected from us to make it easier to forecast trends and exploit the ability to make us want something we didn’t know we’d want. I am more concerned that such data will be used to herd us toward political decisions or wants that we didn’t think we’d want less than whether the data becomes a start of a more sophisticated secret police agency.

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