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It was pretty obvious they tried to go away from Georgetown’s history, but no one wanted a program that wasn’t apart of a “University of …” academia.

What’s more disheartening is that if I understand correctly, Ewing would prefer a NBA head coaching perch, but he’s kind of blacklisted because he’s a Center. Most head coaches at the NBA level had power forward experience, akin to why most MLB skippers tend to be catchers. Ewing wasn’t going to be a serious head coaching candidate because of his NBA history.

Patrick Ewing has to show he can bring in players to Georgetown. Either he needs to show he can find the players who will stay 3–4 years in college that seems to be the “secret sauce” for winning NCAA championships or attract the “one or two & done” players that may bring more financial success for other big time programs like the University of Kentucky. Georgetown’s past, which includes his own college career, is yet another hurdle for him to overcome.

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