Do Americans Understand What’s Really at Stake in the Midterms?
umair haque

It’s Bad, but not that Bad

You forget that tsunamis occur because of shifts in tectonic plates beneath the intersection of coastal lands and seaside oceans and the severity of these tsunamis depend on the range of the earthquake is to the ocean floor. Even if the 2018 mid-term elections are the thing that can prevent this American Presidential Administration from completing their transformation into a Neo-Nazi monstrous government, those underlying conditions that give rise to earthquake after earthquake still exist. Frictions between the 1% and the 99%, ethic and racial divisions, revolutionary (far-left) vs reactionary (far-right) philosophies and political manifestos, and other such natural (and even unnatural) divisions will still occur as they rub each other.

I feel that given how American governance works, the 2018 mid-terms is at best a changing of the deck chairs on a elegant cruise ship. It doesn’t change who holds the executive branch, it does not change who holds the judiciary branch (the executive branch does at this time), and it only makes gridlock a more likely possibility in the legislative branch, especially with the House side of the bicameral legislature. Which is okay with Trump, he’s been doing the most through Senate approval of judicial nominees and the near fiat of his Executive orders, which has become the growing part of the Presidential Office’s power since 1980. And it wasn’t like the all-Republican, near-all right controlling Congress was able to pass much anyway in these first two years of Trump’s term anyway.

I just think it will be just as likely that Trump will continue towards the path of full National Socialism whether the legislature continues to be with him or against him, he doesn’t need them to get where he’s going. The 2020 Presidential Election is where the point of no return is, not 2018. And to that end, I feel the best Geological-Meteorological symbol for this time isn’t a tsunami, but a Florence style of Category 5 Hurricane that’s expected to hover around the East Coast for 4–5 days well after it reaches landfall without moving further inland. The 2018 mid-terms is more or less being in the calm eye of this political hurricane. It’s going to continue to blow winds around us whether the 2018 election favors Trump or not.

The short-term way of getting rid of a Fascist like Trump is direct removal of office. The long-term way of getting rid of Fascist is to deal with the underlying conditions. The internal bickering about what to do by the “good guys” has made it seem to me like a long-term solution isn’t ready yet. The only thing I know is the 2018 mid-terms doesn’t change or remove Trump’s National Socialism designs, it just could make it a trifle bit harder to depend on traditional or natural ways of effecting change, ways that Trump hasn’t really used from the start.