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Many would disagree with the general consensus that Lebron to Korver for 3 was the right call when Iguodala’s foot positioning made where a right handed drive to the lane was LeBron’s best call, and something that many felt is James’ best thing he does, even if that counters how often James wants to be Magic Johnson 3.0.

To me, the elephant in this game is this: why isn’t Cleveland playing slow? It’s how Cleveland won last year, and Kevin Durant hasn’t played in a slowdown pace yet. James also can’t seem to pace himself, leave himself enough energy to finish in the 4th quarter. In the finals, James is shooting about 36% for 11 points on average in the 4th quarter. Durant is scoring 31 points on average at a 67% shooting clip for the 4th quarter. And as these plays show, James seems to be mentally fatigued as well.

Tonight, maybe Cleveland will try to play with a deliberate slow pace, forcing Golden State to make more mistakes with fewer possessions. They’ve got nothing left to lose. And then watch Durant show he can play a different way, and the Warriors win a 90–89 kind of game. It’s kinda late to try something different now when you had time and games in hand to try something different especially when it’s clear matching the Warriors pace didn’t work after Game One.