Pomodoro Technique

Well ‘’Pomodoro Technique’’ is best technique to trick your mind and I think this is not that much difficult. By practising it on daily basis we can maximise our productivity easily. well I’ve applied this technique on myself. I gave 25 mins to a task and the task wasn't completed and I spent almost 35 mins to do it and then I took break for 5 mins. Second task was like the previous one and I gave 25 mins to it and the task was completed in 25 mins. This is because I restricted myself to be focused with pleasure of taking break at the end. I am gonna practise it on daily basis.

I used to do this during my exams but didn't take breaks after each 25 mins. But i think not taking breaks will make you tired and taking breaks will help you to absorb material to its fullest.

one thing more if any distraction pops up in my mind I wouldn't write it because writing itself is a distraction instead I know thing that distracted me and I’ll ignore it and next time I’ll get rid of it.

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