Amazon’s customer service backdoor

Thank you for disclosing this so the rest of us can try to better protect our own accounts. I hope you don’t mind my suggesting that you file complaints with the Federal Trade Commission and the Consumer Protection Financial Bureau, both of which have the power to take action against Amazon to force it to accept responsibility for its very poorly trained CSRs.

A number of third-party sellers have recently been reporting that hackers have gained access to their accounts and directed that their bi-weekly payments by Amazon be wired to bank accounts other than their own, which has devastated some of the smaller businesses, especially since Amazon has reportedly, in most cases, simply shrugged their shoulders as if the problem has nothing to do with them. Unfortunately, only someone who has actually suffered an experience like this can file a complaint with one of the regulators, so until someone like yourself does that with the FTC, the FTC can’t begin an investigation that could benefit us all. I sincerely hope you’ll do this for the rest of us.

Here are some links you and others might find helpful and informative:

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