First of all, our hi-fi prototype is finally done today! Thank you for Christine and Emma for organizing all of the pages. Good job everyone;) Here are some of the sample pages:

It was really cute! We submitted our link before the class on Tuesday this week. Hope our work is liked by others as well.

Today in class, we were mainly working on one of the publication steps of our app: elevator pitch. We figured our what the structure is: define who our team are, what our app does, who our ideal users are, comparison between other similar apps, what we do next, and some attention-driving appeals. Although the structure is clear, the content is still tricky to write.

At the beginning we wrote some drafts, but it only took us 20 seconds to read them through slowly. An elevator pitch is supposed to be around 30 seconds. So we reorganized the the paragraphs, rewrite some of the sentences, and practiced again and again with a timer.

Goobs discussing how to write the elevator pitch for their clothes renting app: ShareDrobe

After that, each person worked on their own portfolio. Hope everyone’s portfolio is in a good shape;) We are almost done.

Our next step would be polishing our final prototype, and make the final presentation slides, which are not as hard as making the prototypes. We have experienced the hardest part of this class together. Let’s rock it!

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