Book Review of Building Products for the Enterprise

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Who should read this?

If you’re working on product management for the enterprise software, regardless of your rank in the organization, you might be a product specialist, product manager, group product manager, head of product, principal product manager, or even CPO, you should read this.

If you want to learn from two enterprise product managers, Blair Reeves (SAS Principal Product Manager) and Ben Gaines (Adobe Group Product Manager), who have spent their entire tech careers at the forefront of that very shift to the world of enterprise SaaS, you should read this.

If you finish reading the lines above and keep thinking about “Product Management specifically for the enterprise, huh?”, …

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People will go where they can grow and this is a rabbit hole. You go then grow. Grow and go. It’s so deep that you can never go back and constantly grow.

Once you ignite your calling despite your deepest fear, you’ll be unstoppable like Maria Sharapova.

Career change is never been easy. I did that once from nobody to techie baby, and twice from techie baby to product baby. And today I’m the host and creator of the Product Manager Summit. Life unfolds itself in The Neon Life Society. The experience of everyone is unique. …

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As I’m doing total immersion in the product management field, I don’t only read books but also listen to the relevant podcasts to stay ahead of the market.

Not all podcasts are created equal tho.

Some of them discussing the art, craft and profession for managing products that contribute value. Some of them talking with thought leaders from Silicon Valley and beyond. Some of them studying the psychology behind a great product.

I’ve researched and categorized 24 podcasts into three categories as following:

  • Product Management Focused
  • Product Minded Focused
  • Industry or Startup Focused

If you’re a product people like me, you’ll find the following podcasts useful. …


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