A response I wrote on Reddit

Today I discovered a new dynamic about the way I think. Thank you, Reddit.

I would apply the crowds’ responses to the topic at hand at face value and accept the commentary as fact.

Just recently, I’ve discovered that people will shift the focus of the topic to something in favor of easily digested ideas in order to avoid accepting a controversial point.

Take for example, positive stereotypes. Those receive much tolerance.

They have a role in society for applying those is high and accepted because these assumptions don’t upset a norm and usher an opportunity to express your acceptance of cultures and race. And, on the flip side of the same coin, choosing to ignore legitimate supporting evidence that reinforces a stereotype, because society finds it unacceptable is bothersome. I guess human nature and the desire to be seen as intelligent and cultured individual outweighs the responsibilty to acknowledge a truth.

Considering the responses to my ideals, and validating sometimes input as legitimate is new territory. I’ve always been emotional and too concerned with society’s perceptions of me, that I would disregard facts and conform to society’s accepted way of thinking.

Considering the validity of my argument, managing how I perceive a response, and maintaining the dynamics of focus, I will better filter out the biased thinking of the herd to keep my sense of self worth and a healthy ability to come to conclusions on my own. It helps to tailor the style of worrying to the audience I’m addressing.