A rounded view on square breasts

Recent reports on square breasts after ‘botched’ procedures give those electing to undertake breast surgery cause for concern. Norman Waterhouse clears up the confusion.

Those electing to have surgery on their breasts can face some confusing information along with varying reports of ‘horror stories’ relating to failed procedures. The recent case reported below raises some important issues when approaching the procedure and dealing with individual patients at the time of surgery itself.

Often with breast augmentation the ‘squaring’ occurs when the implant is too large for the pocket. Over large implants will often not be able to assume the appropriate shape and result in the breasts being squared off inferiorly and with a high profile superiorly.

After breast reduction with an inverted T scar and sometimes with mastopexy the tightening of the skin envelope means that the point of maximal tightness is in the midline between the nipple and the inframammary fold. Occasionally this may lead to some fullness laterally which gives a flat, rather square appearance. This can be prevented by sitting patients up in theatre during the operation to make necessary adjustments on the operating table. A small amount of squaring of the breasts is sometimes normal and will naturally improve over time.

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