I see you there, Judging

I feel like moms get judged all the time.

If my child cries and shouts at a restaurant or a shop. If my child won’t eat. If my child would cry at a party. If my child would not like a certain relative, a friend or a coworker. Look at this terrible mom, can’t even control her own child. Bad parenting skills. She doesn’t know anything. Oh my god, why is her child behaving like that. Bad behavior.

There are certain situations where parents don’t have control over their kids. Nothing to do with the mother or the child. And sometimes we really don’t know what’s wrong. You’re supposed to know it’s your child. Really!? Know we don’t always know. Believe me, if we knew all the things that will be the best thing ever. No crying child and no guilty feeling mom. Everyone is happy.

We sometimes forget how difficult it can be for a mom. And just cut some slacks for a first time mom. There is no such thing as a perfect mother. We all learn, make mistakes and learn from them.

Moms shouldn’t be judging other moms. Women shouldn’t be judging other women. And yet it happens every day. We are damaging each other, our self-esteem and our survival as moms.

We don’t sign our names in blood when our children were born, so deciding to be at home full time or to be working after the baby is born is always a decision made at that time because it feels right. Words and judgement always hurts. And I can tell you how much it still hurts when it happens.

Are you a full time stay at home mom? Good for you.
Do you work from home or out of your home? Good for you.