Yoga has its benefits one should only practice it as a sport not as a religious practice. If you are seeking spiritual benefits, It is a different case. However, it is for physical fitness and strength then What’s the problem?

It’s a form of exercise and nothing more! There are now literally tens of forms of yoga, which range from the overtly religious/ spiritual to the entirely secular (only physical exercises, no intoning of Sanskrit chants and such).

The most common form is the physical, where the focus is on breathing patterns, flexibility, and general health. When you do yoga or any physical activity for that reason you feel healthier and more flexible.

People are saying its haram because it originated from hindu beliefs and such, but youre not using it as a prayer..You’re using it to strengthen your muscles and to stay fit. Just don’t get it..are they expecting someone to become a weaker muslim because of yoga? And so you’re a better muslim and you are allergic to doing any type of physical activities then avoid doing so!

I think fear of yoga might also stem from a fear of Muslim women becoming physically strong, fit and aware of their bodies. Many Muslims seems to have some weird issues with women and physical fitness. There are benefits to be found in excercises outside of salat. If you do those they can enhance your prayer experience too so why not treat yoga as secular” “nothing -to-do-with-religion” just an exercise form only. As we all know there are more people who don’t exercise compared to the community who does.

Sick of these men interpreting the Quran and thinking they are so much better. Don’t patronize people. Our knowledge is always limited.

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