Hank Moody’s Rules For Fat Loss Success

Not a model fat loss coach but read on

I don’t really watch TV but I drown in Californication. It’s hysterical, witty, and Hank Moody is a beautiful disaster.

For those who have never seen it, I am truly sorry. If you have, please read on to learn what a degenerate writer can teach us about fat loss.

1. Do It For You Above All Else

Hank Moody, for better or for worse, serves Hank Moody. He’s selfish and egotistical but pure. He does everything he wants to and nothing that he doesn’t.

So often self-improvement is started from a place of need, not want. Other’s negativity fuels our change. It’s natural but backwards.

Do nothing that you do not want to do.

Begin a diet because you want to. Forget about the approval of others who don’t really care about you.

2. Stick To A Plan, Even The Wrong Plan

Yo-Yo actions stem from a lack of conviction. Confident people make assured decisions, even if they are the WRONG decisions.

This leads to failure, which ideally leads to thoughtful revision, translating into greater success the next time.

Take a step in 17 different directions and you will have learned nothing to inform your next step.

Hank can be called many things but he is a man of conviction.

On your fat loss journey, make a decision and ride the wave until it crashes. If it doesn’t, you’ll have likely found something worthwhile.

3. Break the Rules

Gather up 20 experts on a topic and you’ll be left with a million rules to follow and nowhere to start.

Let principles, not rules, be your foundation.

Rules take you from N to 1, understanding principles and breaking rules can take you from 0 to 1. Read Peter Thiel. He’s brilliant.

4. Be True To Your Vices

I enjoy good bourbon, a glass of wine on occasion, and a fair share of nicotine playing poker.

These are vices, these are not healthy, but goddamn if I enjoy them.

Most health gurus would tell you to eliminate your vices. These same people are so anal about what’s bad for you that the stress actively avoiding them is going to kill them. Ironic but sad.

Identify your vices, NOT your addictions. Eliminate or tame the latter.

See if the fat loss plan you built can incorporate them. For me, a couple fine glasses of bourbon on a Saturday night. If not, throw your plan out and start again.

Hard work deserves worthwhile rewards. Hank drinks whiskey, smokes weed, and listens to Warren Zevon after finishing a book for a reason.

5. Do It Even If It Kills You

Bukowski reminds us, “If you’re going to try, go all the way. There is no other feeling like that. You will be alone with the gods, and the nights will flame with fire. You will ride life straight to perfect laughter. It’s the only good fight there is.”

To me, there are no more beautiful words. Hank’s writing did its best to destroy him and push away the people he loves most.

Tyler Durden said self-improvement is masturbation but it doesn’t have to be.

It can be a lesson in conviction and a self-fulfilling journey. It’s not about abs. It’s about bleeding your soul out onto a blank page because doing so makes you feel alive.

A workout does not have to be an exercise in self-hate but an experience in scorching your muscles until they breath fire and pushing onwards. The reward is self-evident.

Life is a game; it takes playing it to find out.

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