[Podcast] Finding and Activating Influencers on eMarketer

The idea of influencer marketing is not new, the idea that you can partner with individuals to help ‘sway the tide’. In a digitized environment, we can now look beyond the ‘cool and popular’ influencers to identify who is relevant and most meaningful to a particular audience.

In this eMarketer podcast, Kate LeVail, a social scientist and senior account supervisor at the research and consulting firm Research+Data Insights (RDI) and Affinio CEO, Tim Burke discuss how data science and technology can identifying the ideal niche influencers that are most relevant to your audience.

In this episode of ‘Behind the Numbers’, Kate and Tim cover:

  • How influencer marketing has changed over the years
  • The move away from engagement and reach to more nuance and focus on authority
  • The concentration on finding niche influencers who are authentic
  • The importance of identifying influencers who an audience has a natural affinity for
  • Understanding that working with influencers isn’t about selling anymore, it’s more about education.
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