How App Analytics Is Revolutionizing Mobile World?

To ensure the success of your app, it is always important to keep track of the number of app downloads, user reviews, in-app activities like purchases, the average amount of time spent by an user and such other metrics. But it’s definitely not the only things you should be tracking. Proper analysis of your app does not only have an impact on the number of downloads but it also helps you in knowing your audience better. But if you really want to know how well your app is doing, you need to know the factors that affect your app’s performance. And believe it or not, your users are probably not using your app exactly like you think they are. A slight negligence in the analytics can ruin the potential of your app. This requires improving upon every feature of your app with respect to the taste of your audience and the quality of other rival apps.

Know the Taste — What to Track and Why

Taste is a very pleasing word but when it comes to knowing someone else’s, experience really matters. An app that was earlier an idea, which was worked upon and given a new identity, should always be pleasant to suit the technological taste buds of the smartphone society. This may not be in accordance with the technological perspective while discussing this topic but this is what creates the difference.

The more you know the taste of your audience, the more better they will be pleased with your product. Now the question that arises is that, how to know that your app is in accordance with the taste of your audience? The answer is App analytics. The basic concept is based on 5 types of measurements of user behaviour.

  • Acquisition
  • Activation
  • Retention
  • Referral
  • Revenue

By monitoring the right areas, you can learn a lot about your users and improve your app. Here are a couple of factors that need to be considered:

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