Internet Of Things and Healthcare

Internet of Things has become all pervasive, exactly as it was meant to be. From smart homes, to smart cars, to smart trash cans, the IOT has added the smart edge to everything. According to Cisco around 50 billion things will be connected to the internet by 2020, Intel estimates the figure to touch the 200 billion mark.

“There are 1.5 trillion things in the world currently. Of those 200 billion will be connected to the internet buy 2020”.

It’s unlikely that with such a powerful invasion into the things around us, any aspect of our lives would remain untouched by this revolution. Healthcare, one of the first industries to benefit from this surge and is touted to be a $117 Billion industry (The whole IOT market is going to be $ 8.04–14.4 Trillion as estimated by IDC and Cisco). Connected life support and monitoring systems remain debatable still, owing to the room left for machine error and communication lag.

As an app development firm we are in an ideal position to spot early trends arising in the field of mobility. Clients often come up with apps where the concept pivotal to their ideas is blending the virtual and the physical worlds. The ideas are as exciting as they are challenging. In the last year we have worked on a number of apps that revolve around the healthcare, wearable and Internet Of Things.

We have gathered an interesting list of healthcare and fitness trends that you should watch out for in the years to come. Not just that, here’s a sneak peek into our own repository and the technology that we are experimenting with, in our labs.


Diagnostics is the field of detection of disease. The word derives from ancient Greek — diagnostikos which means ‘able to distinguish’. It has its roots in archaic times and now this field of medicine is getting a futuristic touch.

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