Revolutionizing the Healthcare Industry with Mobile Apps

In this fast paced era of modern life and stressful work culture, there has been a steady rise in the number of lifestyle diseases like, diabetes, hypertension, sleep apnea, etc. This has put a lot of pressure on the healthcare infrastructure and services as it is becoming increasingly difficult to cater to the needs of the ever growing demand side. To bridge this gap, innovative mobile technology stands a good chance in coming to the rescue of this overburdened sector. In fact, the growing popularity of healthcare apps is a stunning example of how mobile technology is creating a bridge between healthcare and consumers. As a matter of fact, the global mHealth business that includes device, services and app market, has recorded a terrific growth rate in the last few years. According to a report published by Allied Market Research, the mHealth business is expected to increase by 33.5 percent annually from 2015–2020.

Are mobile healthcare apps a solution?

To be frank, the growing popularity of mHealth is no big wonder. This is because the app revolution has taken over the world and the inclusion of healthcare in its basket is the actual realization of mobile technology touching lives. Today, almost everybody has a smartphone in their hand and they spend most hours of the day fiddling with it. Whether it’s about playing those addictive games on your phone, watching viral videos onYoutube, or checking your Twitter feed to follow the latest news, we lose track of time when we use our phones. Perhaps, it will be right to point out the fact that having an easy and all time access to all our favourite apps, games, music, news channels, etc. has made us a lazy generation. But what if we started to look at this problem differently? Why not use this technology to serve a productive purpose and make way for a healthier lifestyle?

That’s exactly where I would like to pitch the idea of mHealth apps that is all set to change the face of the healthcare industry by creating a ripple in our daily life. Isn’t it amazing to see how a simple app can help us stay fit by simply keeping track of our calorie intake, calories burned and other basic activities? This is incredible when it comes to having an easy access to instant medical or health advice without spending much time and effort. Such health apps can help us tune to a healthier lifestyle and curb various lifestyle diseases. How’s that for a change?


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