Feli Nuna is re-born!

Feli Nuna! Daavi Diva!. Oh yea, I like it! Unlike many Ghanaian artistes, I happen to know Miss Felicia on a more personal level. So when I first heard “I like am“, I said yea, that’s the Felicia I know. The very urban Ghanaian hip life song, reflects the young artiste very accurately. I could feel the bubbly, free, impulsive tone in the song, and that’s Felicia. She is all that and a tad bit crazy.

I remember when Animah, my sister told me that Felicia wanted to do music, I thought she was a little crazy. It was reflex, I’m sorry. But then again, I think Akosombo International School produces amazing creatives. Jessica Opare Saforo? Lydia Forson? Any of these ring a bell? Yes, I am a proud AISOSAN myself!

And so she did back in 2013, when she came out with Ghana Girl Swag, an anthem of sorts, I think. . It received a considerable amount of air play and fizzled out. It was altogether a fun song but probably needed more promotion.

Looks like that didn’t stop her!

In “I like am” Feli Nuna, decided to sing, which is a first. Feli is throaty, husky and playful at the same time. I saw I was right when I saw the video too. She’s having fun, breaking rules and uh.. Basically letting her (white and very short) hair down with her girls. She’s spontaneous, which in a weird way makes her unafraid to enter into a very porous Ghanaian music industry.

I love music, and no matter the theme a song takes, it should tell you SOMETHING. For me, “I like am” in a many ways, syncs with the only resolution I made for 2016: LIVING IN THE MOMENT. Yes, savoring life’s surprises and learning from its curve balls too. Grabbing opportunities and saying yes to new experiences. Being unafraid to try. Of course i can also see myself bopping my head to this jam, driving on a Saturday afternoon.

I’m just going to leave the video below for your viewing pleasure but I will say this; great job to whatever team is handling the budding artiste. It shows in her new distinctive look; the video concept was right on point with the care-free nature of the single.

I wish her nothing but the best! Well done, Feli!

Watch Feli Nuna’s new single “I like am” below and let me know what you think.


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