One Year On Medium

A noob child's first experience with blogging

I love film. I love analyzing film, I love discussing film. Only nobody wants to hear me talk about film, and so I started a blog. A place where I could express my opinion of the latest flicks, and hopefully add to the ongoing debate.

This happened exactly one year ago today. Now I am happy to say my blog has become much more than just a way to relieve my friends and family from my unsolicited commentary. I have fallen in love with writing. Not only do I adore talking about my passion, but I take joy in finding the exact words to express my ideas.

So now that I’ve reached this tiny milestone, this first anniversary on Medium, I can reflect on the past year. What has my experience been and what have I learned?

Give the people what they like.. sort of

I have found that people like to confirm their own opinions more than anything. The articles most read are those about huge blockbusters, where my opinions align with those of the majority. Popular and beloved films do well for much readers anyway, and enforcing the reader’s own views definitely doesn’t hurt. So writing about indie’s and classics may not be most advantageous on paper, however…

Quantity is key

It’s not about the amount of reads, but the amount of articles. As you write more, you not only get more readers, but you learn to write better faster. Without consciously studying language, my writing style has improved much. Using wordplay, improving the structure, and writing more coherent pieces. The most lucrative period was when I had a lot of time to spend on my blog.

Know what you’re talking about

My content always remains on that which I am passionate about. While “Teenager views classics” may not do as well, I am intrigued by the old ways of Hollywood and want to share my experience regardless of the size of the audience the article will reach. My growing interest for indie films will definitely be visible on my blog soon, and my undying love for all nerd cinema continuously drives me to learn about film and about writing. Writing what I know and love encourages me to write more and get better.

The moment I want to write for the reads instead of the content is the moment I should stop writing all together, but then again there is no point in writing for no one. With much thanks to David Smooke I am able to write for a publication, which I am eternally grateful for. If I would still have been certain that my newest article would be read by ten people (whom I would have forced to read it), I don’t know if I would keep writing for very long.

On this platform I have the opportunity to express my opinions and indulge my creativity, an outlet for my outspoken and opinionated self. I would be a fool not to make the absolute most of it. I want to grow and to learn all about writing and about film, and above all I want to write. A lot.

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