Where is Kendrick’s Criticism, Black men?
Daniel Johnson

Well written & thought out analysis. As a community we must applaud both of these artist as they challenge the status quo of eurocentric hegemony. White supremacy has always used divide & conquer tactics. Pinning Black men vs Black woman falls under this strategy. Any student of Black liberation struggles know it was Black women who were the vanguard of Afrikan/Black liberation. Evidence of this can be found in Ida b Wells & the anti lynching movement. Any man who calls himself “conscious” must know the vital role of Black women. As Black men we must fight for our Sistahs proper role in the forefront of our struggle. A true student of struggle understands the intersectionality of oppression. This understanding should provide the insight there is no time to be our sistah’s oppressor & simultaneously fight the oppression of white supremacy. Indeed we must be critical of all things to ensure the protection of our culture, yet we must also celebrate our victories. Make no mistake about it both Beyoncé & Kedrick’s performances were victories. SLATUE!!! ✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿