#FactWrap: Cape Storm, marijuana and measles, cellphone tracking & Kenya’s maize crisis

We started off our week by looking into claims made by Raila Odinga, Kenya’s main opposition candidate, about the country’s maize crisis. Are foreign farmers reaping from Kenya’s maize crisis at the expense of local growers? Alphonce Shiundu did some digging.

We tackled claims made by the country’s minister of police about using mobile phones to track missing persons. Can this number help locate missing persons, even when their phones are off? Ina Skosana & Gopolang Makou homed in on the evidence.

Christine Mungai cleared the smoke on claims that blowing marijuana into children’s faces can cure measles, the deadly viral disease.

Finally, as the Cape Storm touched down on South Africa’s southwest coast, a barrage of fake videos and images took over Twitter, as some users took the opportunity to show off their image and video editing skills.

Originally published at africacheck.org.