We didn’t start a movement. We started a network.
Patrisse Khan-Cullors

Thank you for sharing your work. This was definitely informative. The #BlackLivesMatter movement is beautiful. Peace to you and the folks who made it (and are making it) happen.

As one of those has-been college activists I recommend taking my comments with a grain of lawry’s…I wonder how much social media has hurt the power of Black movements. At the risk of romanticizing the civil rights and and Black power movements, it seems that there were more covert, long-term, measurable goal based strategies. It was literally groups of people in rooms making plans that the public was generally unaware of until the strategies were in motion. Cointelpro was the FBI’s only way to infultrate groups. Today, we give away tactics and minimize any chance for growth to the level of, say, the Montgomery Bus Boycott.

Social media certainly has a number of benefits. I just haven’t decided whether outweigh the disadvantages.