How Africans charge their mobile phones in the electrical desert.

A quick call to my mum and she told me she has lost her charger and has been charging her phone at the neighbourhood kiosk.. complained bitterly she was being short charged.. (literally). Got me thinking. Rwanda’s mantra has always been our problems our solutions. And then i linked this to the mobile phone charging nightmare that is Africa.. Let the pics do the talking..

Your typical phone charging outlet..
Another one..
In Rwanda Henry Nyakarundi introduced solar mobile charging stations
Portability of the solution is a key business need to be able to store it safely overnight and open it up the next day
This one thought of the all important feature in Africa.. anti theft.. Im not sure you want to leave your ipad charging in the open…
Much more portable and solar powered.. although each cord has about 6 ‘cordlets’ so this 8 outlet can charge 48 phones…. yeah thats going to be a problem!
For some reason this stand alone solar powered stations seem to be the standard design…quite expensive if you ask me.. pretty sure they are expensive for the small business owner
This is in Dallas Texas US… it is free.. will not work in Africa. For this to be free, government would have to invest in free mobile charging stations.. why do it if this is a clear business need in the private sector..
A business case that could work in posh areas like malls.. again paid not free like here..
Home made.. just hooked it up to his bike and voila..!
Again in the West… public tables cool idea wondering if it can be adapted to Africa?

Came accross on youtube a clip on Charging phones with mud and fire on how a brick cooking stove can charge phones…

(Copyright internet photos) A certain event called Maker Faire Africa which celebrates ingenious African solutions to African problems does celebrate that Africans do have a solution to their problems.

In the era of IOTs, AI, drones and other leap frogging technologies, let’s recognize that there is a need for a solution to this big and critical need in Africa. Here is to looking forward to the ingenious mobile phone mobile charging station.. (second mobile is not a typo..)

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