AfroDex Labs Tokens now trading on UniSwap

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Congratulations to our AfroDex community!

You can now:
✅ Swap AfroX into ETH
✅ Swap ETH into AfroX

✅ Swap AFDLT into ETH
✅ Swap ETH into AFDLT

✅ Swap your AFDLT into AfroX
✅ Swap your AfroX into AFDLT

Simply open any UniSwap link below from a web3 compatible dapp browser to see all information or click Trade to swap.

You can also click on + Add Liquidity to join any of our 3 decentralized trade liquidity pools and earn your quota out of the trading commission on the trade pool you contributed to.

We will keep trying to serve you better!

AfroX-WETH Pair:


AfroX/AFDLT Pair:

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Introduction to AfroDex Telegram Bot Wallet.

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AF-TX Robot is an on chain multi purpose Telegram bot for Erc20 cryptocurrency transactions. Through this service, AfroDex will assist users to carry out transactional functions such as sending and receiving, tipping, airdrop, fundraising with Ethereum and Erc20 tokens through the secured messaging app of Telegram.

To try it out go to: https://t.me/AFTX_Robot


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Have you set up your wallet?

🎯This will help you set up your Telegram Bot wallet:
1. Click 👉 t.me/AFTX_Robot
2. Type /start & send
3. Enter "name" & send
4. Enter valid "mail" & send
5. …

Staking your AfroX is quite fast & easy!

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First open our staking platform page on etherscan with a wallet dapp browser that you hold your AfroX in.

Link: https://etherscan.io/address/0x08130635368AA28b217a4dfb68E1bF8dC525621C#writeProxyContract

It opens the image below:

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Scroll down till you get to the next image.

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Confirm you can see Token Tracker: AfroDex (AfroX)

Confirm you can see write as proxy and it is selected (I mean in different colour from the others)

Click on Connect to web3 the red dot in front of Write Contract will turn green

Scroll down to Write Call 21.

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Inside amount type the amount of AfroX you want to stake. …


AfroDex Labs

we're a corporation which serves as a blockchain tech incubator & accelerator, focused on building technologies for mass adoption on the erc20 Ethereum Network.