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Dec 9, 2019 · 2 min read

How to trade tokens that are not listed on

(Actually, you can trade all Ethereum based Tokens on whether it is listed or not)

Whether a token is listed of not, you can still trade any ERC20 token on AfroDex. This guide will help you to trade tokens that are not even “listed” on AfroDex.!/trade/AfroX-ETH

Above image and link will be the trade link you’ll see when you visit AfroDex Labs Exchange. I am assuming that you know how to use AfroDex to do basic trading.

Press the drop down button beside AfroX.

It will show different names of tokens, make sure the token you want to trade is not listed, then next step below.

If the token that you want to trade is not listed, choose “Other”

This pop-up window will appear.

Go to EtherScan and get token details of the token you want to trade. (Contract name, decimals and contract address are the only important information.)

Copy the information on EtherScan and fill like above, that’s assuming USDT is the token you want to trade.

Then finally press go, if it doesn’t exit page after few seconds, use “x” button above right to close and you should trade right away.

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