Big Bother Naija. #BBNaija


This is the Nigerian of things, an inability to determine the rules and stay within them. The house is now irreparably torn, we’ll be stuck with two weeks of at least one house mate being ostracised by a majority comfortable in its own invincibility. It is far too predictable. I am torn now. I want TBoss to make the final, if she wins I won’t be mad at it. But BBN is interfering far too much in the game.

Re TBoss, she is the axis on which the game spins, for good or ill, it appears the rules are being tinkered to favour her continued stay in the house and that bothers me. I’ve given her my votes, her stay in house makes it interesting and I want to continue being entertained. But. How out of order is it for a sponsor to announce a change in the rule of the game before it is officially communicated? I know Payporte is paying for the show but all rules of the game should emanate from Big Brother officially.

Allowing the housemates to conspire last weekend was just straight up wack, if this rule was going to be relaxed, it should have been done mid game where each side was more, or had a chance to be, even. At the final week, no house mate should have the chance to waltz into the final on chance, it should have been earned! In the end the nomination results were quite predictable, even with the save & replace. How was Bisola NOT going to save Efe, after what he did for her last week? This week would have been doper if each individual’s actions caused them to be nominated. Now, BB has fueled the conspiracy of undue interference by giving the HoH the power to save and replace AFTER announcing that such a power wouldn’t be used in the final week. It’s almost like the rules are being written as the game goes along, I hate it.

That said, since BB cause the open fissure in the house, them passing their task this week should hinge on them being able to bridge the obvious divide, for the sake of the show still being watchable.

Deserve had nothing to do with it”: I used to FW Bisola hardcore and a large part of me still wants her to win but her her lack of strength is mad disappointing. How is it that the house is so obviously divided during your reign and it doesn’t bother you? It wasn’t like that during the previous week, had she any sense apart from being comfortable in a group, she’d realise.

Now, I am rooting for the unpredictable, that’ll only be a TBoss or Debbie-Rise victory, to make it sweet.

I’ll do my final analysis of the game next week, after the final. I hope it’s at least not as predictable as this week looks to be gearing up to be.

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