Big Brother Naija Is Rigged. #BBNaiJa

I started suspecting last week but I am pretty much convinced now. Payporte, the show’s sponsor wants a particular winner.

No, not the votes, actually. I believe the percentages announced each Sunday, so that’s out of the question. What really tipped it was the outfit Bisola was given at the party on Saturday. 😂😂😂. It was too ghastly to have been given to her without wanting a particular effect and they succeeded, bare spiteful tweeets were sent on the matter.

Seriously though, the rigging here was done through portrayal with the aim being to mould the public’s perception of certain individual – The Conspiracy was the week in which BBNaija changed the game – The Housemates were inexplicably allowed to ‘conspire’ but there wasn’t any conspiring to be done – why?

Any casual watcher could see there was no maths in the game, the nominations were obvious. , it was an opportunity for BBN (Payporte) to garner sympathy for a particular contestant. Where there were four contestants (camp A), with nothing to do but gossip against another contestant in an opposite group (camp B) who they perceived as inexplicably advantaged, what or whom would they have talked about? Never mind that at least two of those contestants were already nursing grievances against this perceived threat (see my first article in the BBNaija series).

The plan worked, the pendulum has swung massively and Payporte has managed to launder the perception of its desired candidate, her chances of a victory has dramatically improved, knocking one of the favourites from beginning off her perch.

Why do I think Payporte and BBNaija did this? Aesthetics. Simple.

TBoss looks like the ambassador they’d prefer, for the brand and the show. She’s light skinned, hot, has a forgivable foreign accent, she’s interesting and not easy ‘boxed’ as this or that, luckily for her, her lowest moment as a contestant came early. Bisola – an unabashedly sexually liberal, single mother, who has been painted successfully as a bully, her folly with Triple dented her strength, bigly! Efe, an incurious man-child from the backwaters whose mediocrity at his profession has led to mad head scratching moments. Look, man’s mad basic, let’s keep it all the way real now but he’s loved as he is.

If you have a favourite, stop whining, get to voting for him or her. I’ve peeped Payporte’s game and I am low-key impressed but.…now I’m team anybody but TBoss, which is annoying because she is the only other candidate I voted for except after Soma and Gifty; She & Bisola are my favourites but I loathe unfairness. The same way I was deeply irritated by Bisola’s treatment of TBoss earlier on is the way I’m ticked off by the deliberate colouring of some characters on the show.

Now, I’d even hold my nose and applaud an Efe victory sef, his support, no matter how inexplicable it is to me, is organic. But then, nobody deserves a victory as such, and as much as I think ‘conspiracy Sunday’ was a set up, the gossiping about TBoss didn’t have to be as harebrained and nasty as it was. Camp A played themselves and made it mad easy for Big Brother Naija and Payporte to engineer a damn near odds on victory for a candidate that, based on the show’s trajectory before the penultimate week, had no business being seen as so.

Will she win? Let’s see.

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