The Interview

I had a meeting today. Or so I thought; I was well dressed and prepared. The funny thing is my head was filled with lies that I was going to tell, the energy in my body was burning like that from hell…. ooooh! I was going to woo them like I had them under a spell.

I took my time but I arrived on time as I sat at the park enjoying the view, oh I lied this wasn’t a meeting it was an interview. I waited hours which seemed unusual as I had given up hope and lost interest in the job I had applied for. I even thought to myself what were all the lies and research you did overnight for?

2 hours 48 minutes later, I was called upon and the first question I was asked was “who did you send your CV to ?” I’m sorry but I had no knowledge you were here for this interview. I had lost all confidence as I waited for an extra 30 minutes before I was called upon again.

First Lady : what is your name ?


SECOND LADY: is that your CV ?

Me: yes

Second lady : can I go through it

Me: yes

First Lady: what is your educational background?

Me : Historian by BA degree Strategist by Msc degree

First Lady: and you want to be a content writer? She said sarcastically 🙄

In my mind: creative writing is done by people in humanities and mass communications so ideally I have the creative background educationally to apply for the job.

My response in reality: sorry ma I don’t see any problem in wanting to be one!

Second lady: have you done any work as a creative writer for an organisation?

In my mind: my CV says no and I do freelance

Reality: no ma’am I haven’t I help my friends and other people create content for their blogs, do research on topics and posts poems and short stories

First Lady: what do you do for money ?

Me : nothing I just graduated my masters but I make music and it sells a little to I see a few hand to mouth change from it for now

First Lady: are you on any social media platform?

Me : yes !

Then the second lady goes though my Instagram, the First Lady my Twitter, blogger and medium and begins to laugh

First Lady: and you want this job ?

Me: yes !

Second Lady: you have talent you know!

In my mind : yes musically and as a freelance writer not with shackles on my feet like kunta kinte

First Lady: go home and pray we get back to you by Monday!

Me: thank you !

Sigh! I walked home in disgust at myself cause I could have done better if I set my mind to it but I gave up on the job before I was even interviewed. I can woo any woman to get what I want but not even these two to get a job. I felt like Batman without his billion and his gadgets. I felt more useless than I’ve ever been in my entire life, was I set up to fail ? Or I just didn’t step up to the plate? I have confidence issues but not when I’m well prepared, this was stage fright for a crowd of two, or maybe I wasn’t just ready for the interview.

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