Liyakath: Our Positive Review

4 min readJan 2, 2024


One Word Review
▪️ Very good service…
▪️ The end result and quality of the work is top notch.
▪️ 3Star: Expected something good but ok ok..
▪️ The workmanship is very good.
▪️ I wholeheartedly recommend him for any tile flooring-related concerns.
▪️ Best tile laying contractor in Chennai.
▪️ Very nice and gentle person .
▪️ Is very honest person.
▪️ Works as per customer satisfaction.
▪️ Has really good attention to detail and is well experienced.
▪️ Well experienced.
▪️ Thank you very much for your great support.
▪️ The overall work was truly amazing, exceeding expectations.
▪️ Tiles laying work very good best quality.
▪️ The workmanship is very amazing.
▪️ Tile laying finish kitchen wall tile polishing bathroom tile finishing flooring.
▪️ Improvement, satisfaction, good finishing,
▪️ Listen well to customer requirements.
▪️ Work completed project on time.
▪️ Work is Not bad i like the work and technique.
▪️ Before after good improvement.
▪️ On time delivery.

Two Line Review

▪️ I am fully satisfied with the results achieved, high level of commitment throughout my house project.

▪️ The finishing of the work is of excellent quality.

▪️ Displayed a high level of professionalism in the execution of the project.
The work was carried out with great cleanliness and neatness.

▪️ Stayed until the work was completely finished, ensuring a thorough completion.

▪️ A very nice and gentle person who works to ensure customer satisfaction.
Trustworthy Tile Installation:

▪️ Recently installed tiles in our home with trustworthiness and precision.
Neat and clean work with a keen attention to detail, showcasing experience.

▪️ Extremely punctual, showing up exactly on time for the job.
Demonstrates good attention to detail and overall experience.

▪️ Would highly recommend for future projects and will definitely use services again.

▪️ Exceptional leadership by Man, guiding the team with precision and expertise.

▪️ The team demonstrated a methodical approach, achieving perfection with minimal wastage of tiles.

▪️ Remarkably efficient and perfect in their execution, ensuring a flawless outcome.

▪️ Showcased expertise in minimizing tile wastage, reflecting a commitment to resource efficiency.

▪️ I would highly recommend their services to all based on the splendid and impressive work they delivered.

▪️ Demonstrated a keen sense of economy in material usage, avoiding unnecessary waste.

▪️ Their ability to excel with minimal communication underscored their silent prowess.

▪️ Talk less, work excellent — a team that lets their actions showcase their exceptional skills.

▪️ Liyakath bhai and his team have executed an exceptional job with utmost professionalism. Highly recommended for any tiling job, anywhere.


▪️ Absolutely committed and sincere in their work! They flawlessly replaced all the tiles in our entire 3BHK house within just one week, delivering as promised. The quality of the work is exceptional, and the pricing is very reasonable. Fantastic job!

▪️ I was finding best Chennai tiles laying contractor in Chennai and I approached them based on google review. and they done work perfectly excellent. Thank you so much liyakath sir for your work and support.

▪️ Absolutely committed & sincere in their work!, They flawlessly replaced all the tiles in our entire 2BHK house within one week, as on time delivery promised. The quality of the work is exceptional, and the pricing is very reasonable. Fantastic job! Thankyou so much liyakath bhai.

▪️ We faced a foul odor issue in our restroom due to water seepage, with noticeable gaps between two flooring tiles causing a wet floor. Liyakath, along with a couple of helpers, promptly addressed the problem. All three gentlemen were incredibly polite, professional, and courteous. The work was executed with precision and cleanliness, resulting in a job very well done. I would confidently recommend them to anyone within my circles. Excellent work!

▪️ Extremely professional and remarkably trustworthy. The most reliable individual in the business. He transformed my flat into a completely new version. Outstanding service.

▪️ We had an urgent need to complete tile fixing for an area exceeding 2500 sq ft. It was truly impressive that he managed to mobilize a sizable team and finished the job in under a week. We were delighted with the swift completion of the work. The team was highly cooperative and surpassed all our expectations.

▪️ They demonstrated exceptional professionalism, dedication, and delivered a clean and reliable service, all at very reasonable pricing. Typically, I’m not easily satisfied unless the work is top-notch, but their efforts truly made me ecstatic. Now, I enjoy a brand new flooring. Additionally, they have an incredibly accommodating attitude — never saying no to any request. Just ask, and they get it done for you!

▪️ An absolutely outstanding tile layer, known to me for around 15 years. He excels in his craft, ensuring top-notch quality without compromise. His precision in level marking and joints is commendable. Having successfully completed over 70+ flats for my projects, I highly recommend this contractor without any hesitation.

▪️ Commend Liyakath bhai for his work. Punctual service and exceptional work quality. Certainly recommend him for floor and tiling related projects. A trustworthy choice!

▪️ They successfully addressed the bathroom floor tile leak issue. The craftsmanship displayed was impressive. In just two days, the water leakage significantly decreased, and by the fifth day, it was completely resolved. I am thoroughly satisfied and wholeheartedly recommend this contractor to anyone dealing with a bathroom floor leaking problem.

▪️ Under the excellent leadership of Man, the team showcased remarkable methodical precision and perfection with minimal wastage of tiles. Despite their reserved communication style, their work speaks volumes, and I would highly recommend them to all for their splendid work.




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