Brexit leaves Britain divided

In response to the Yes vote today, the Financial Times said a mandate is a recommendation not an instruction. So our complete exit from the EU is not cast in stone. Under the Lisbon treaty we have to invoke article 50 and begin an negotiation with the European Union in preparation to extricate ourselves from the EU. This process can take up to 2 years. During this time it is highly possible that the government (who ever it may be) re-negotiate with the EU behind closed doors and come back to the British people with a new deal effecting a second referendum.

Remember Ireland in 2008 and the ratification of the Lisbon Treaty (EU Constitution)? The Irish gave it a definitive No vote. At this point the Irish government went behind closed doors and into negotiations with the EU. They came back to the Irish people with a new deal and in 2009 the EU got their Yes vote.

More recently we can look to Greece and the Troika vote of July, 2015. This saw the Greek people come out 61% to 39% against the deal given to them by the EU. Again, negotiations were held behind closed doors and the Greek government’s hand was forced to accept the deal some weeks later.

Harold Wilson famously said ‘a week is a long time in politics’. Two years may prove to be an eternity, with many possibilities. The will of the people doesn’t always carry the day, and to that end, we shall just have wait and see how this pans out.

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