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4 min readJun 28, 2023


Anand Mokshi, now 24, is the son of an auto mechanic from rural Karnataka. Agastya helped him develop a love for science through its innovative hands-on methods.

24-year-old Anand Mokshi, the second son of an auto mechanic from rural Karnataka who was first introduced to Agastya International Foundation in 2012, strongly believes that his 18-month association with the organization transformed him completely. He was in the eighth standard at S.J.R. High School in his hometown of Nulvi when he and his class first visited Agastya’s Science Centre, where they were taught scientific concepts in an immersive and experiential manner.

“For one and a half years, every week, I was lucky enough to attend classes in Agastya. Those were the most enjoyable times of my life,” Anand recalled. “In every class, there would be over 30 students, all relishing the class. The teaching was first class and not even once were we bored.”

Agastya nurtured Anand’s love for science from an early age. He vividly recalled teaching at a science fair at Nehru Stadium in Hubballi, Karnataka, when he was just 14 years old. Students from his school, as well as college students from all across the state, attended the four-day event.

“I created awareness about the importance of gas cylinders, which we use daily. I studied the working of a gas cylinder and practically demonstrated it with a cylinder and a stove,” he said. “I explained the standard weight of a gas cylinder and urged students and visitors to measure the weight of a cylinder at the time of purchase to ensure that the agency was delivering the stipulated weight of gas.”

The experience of teaching benefitted not only the science fair’s participants, but also Anand himself.

“On the first day, I was so nervous when I stood in front of the crowd to present,” he explained. “But by the second and third day, I gained confidence and fluency.”

Anveshana is Agastya’s signature science and engineering fair. It was at a fair similar to Anveshana that Anand first developed his love for teaching and found increased self-confidence.

Agastya played a major role in shaping Anand’s passion for sharing knowledge and educating people. All his teachers appreciated him for his inquisitive nature; he would voluntarily ask the instructors to teach him various concepts in science, and later he would teach his friends what he had learnt. Throughout his participation in Agastya’s programmes, he also saw marked improvement in his English proficiency.

Relating Science to Everyday Life

Anand credited much of his passion for science to the innovative methods utilised by Agastya. Instead of emphasizing theories, instructors would make sure to relate the concepts to the everyday environment.

“Here, science was related to the outside world. That is when I got to know that science was not confined only to textbooks and theory,” Anand explained. “Every time I saw something in nature, I understood that there was science behind it.”

Anand praised Agastya for real-life applications to science. On Agastya’s Campus Creativity Lab in Kuppam, Andhra Pradesh, a massive garden in the shape of a human body demonstrates the benefits of various plants on different organs.

His positive experience with Agastya also helped prolong his academic career.

“I never used to study and in fact, had no plans of studying after my tenth standard,” he admitted. “However, Agastya’s classes inspired me and instilled in me an urge to learn more.”

Ultimately, he was able to complete his twelfth standard, and then, in 2020, he earned his Bachelor of Commerce from IBMR Degree College in Hubballi, earning academic honours and being involved in the campus community as a model. Two years after his graduation, he remains well-respected by his former professors and younger students.

After earning his degree, Anand worked as a supervisor for Coempt Eduteck in the exam scanning centre. His role was to help conduct exams for MBBS and Pharmacy college students in Gadag, Hubballi, and Dharwad regions as part of Rajiv Gandhi University. Currently, he is searching for another job and hoping to chase his passions of nature photography and fashion design — the latter of which he developed a love for during college.

“Agastya Foundation is a boon for all…people,” Anand reflected. “I strongly urge all students to make the best use of its education programmes to improve themselves.”

“My overall experience in Agastya has given me the potential to further my studies and become confident,” he added. “Now I can go on the stage and talk to people without any hesitation.”



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