Cartier, the Panther of social media.

If you know Cartier, then you should know their emblem: The Panther. Animal fetish of the brand, the panther has always reigned amongst Cartier’s creations.The animal appeared for the first time in 1914 on a watch where figure its coat. Then, when Jeanne Toussaint became the director of the Cartier luxury jewelry department, the feline rose into the creations. Jeanne Toussaint was also called the Panther. Cartier was the first jeweler to approach femininity through the use of the metaphor of the panther and the feline began to make Cartier’s creations stand out rapidly. The panther became the object of all of the desires. It is an untamable and a perennially fashionable emblem which is characterized by the following features: sensuality, femininity, elegance, freedom and independence. Today, the Panther of Cartier is not exclusively used for their creations but we also find it throughout their communication strategies.

Cartier is present on all of their social media channels : Youtube, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and Tumblr. The brand belongs to the fine jewelry and watch category. Its main competitors are Tiffany & Co., BVLGARI, Van Cleef & Arpels and Chaumet. In this category, Cartier was one of the first brands to use this kind of media communication. Moreover, throughout its social media footprint, Cartier’s presence is second to that of Tiffany & Co. which is a really important American Company.

Social media footprint

​In 2012, Cartier released for the first time “L’odyssée de Cartier”. This short movie (3 minutes) highlights Cartier’s story through the use of the journey of the emblematic Panther in Paris, Saint Petersburg, China and India. The brand took more than two years to create this storytelling and it has spent over four million euros but, it was a really good investment because “L’odyssée de Cartier” was extremely successful.Cartier released this firstly in its social media channel via Youtube then it was released on TV and the brand then created a special website for “L’odyssée de Cartier”.

L’odyssée de Cartier (Youtube)

The Panther also appears on social media via a lot of different content. In contrast to the social media communication that the majority of brands use, Cartier changes its content on each of their social networks. But the feline emblem is often featured on their posts. On Pinterest, for example, some boards are dedicated to the animal such as “Cartier — Panthère de Cartier”. On Instagram, either on the jewelry or in the photography, the feline is never far! On Facebook as well as Twitter, the first thing that we see is a picture of the Panther on the cover photos. Snapchat also follows this example because Cartier customized their QR code with a video of a Panther.

Therefore, the Panther is an integral part of the content in their social media communication and it is also present in posts. Cartier has a strong communication as it provides an elegance through the use of its muses, it creates different content for each of the social media channels, it creates an inspiration to travel, their is a femininity to the jewelry and a sense of sensuality provoked when we see their jewelry and watches worn. It seems like the Panther has many beautiful days ahead of it…

By Agathe Le Couteulx

This post was created as part of the Global Luxury Management Program at the NC State Poole School of Management. All thoughts and opinions are my own.