In Love with Cartier

“Amulette” Cartier

Anna Nieslsen, 29 years old, a Danish girl from Copenhagen lives in Paris for four years now.It all started six years ago, when she came to Paris for an internship lasting six months.She was working in the press relation team of Cartier. She literally fell in love with Cartier and also Paris. Lucky girl, at the end of her internship, her boss, being very happy with her work, gave Anna a present, her first piece of Cartier jewelry: the LOVE Bracelets. After those few months spent in Paris she went back to Copenhagen.

Paris Montmartre “Sacré-Coeur”

After two years in Copenhagen, Anna decided to go back to Paris and follow her dream to live there. She left her family and friends to begin her new life.

It was not easy at the beginning but Anna know what she wants and she is not afraid about the future. Actually, she lives the perfect life. Two years ago, she moved to Montmartre, into this cute flat with her boyfriend whom she met during Paris Fashion Week. She is a photographer and he is the director of a really famous model agency. Anna also writes, and she has a blog where she speaks about lifestyle, travel and fashion. She is a famous influencer on social media. On her Instagram account she has more than 1 million followers. You can recognize her by her pink, luxurious, sleek and poetic photography.

Anna Nielson Instagram

What is a normal day for Anna? She actually works freelance so it depends on what she is working on. She always starts her day with a big breakfast and during the summer she takes the opportunity to enjoy this on her balcony. She loves to walk the streets of Paris with her camera in hand, trying out new places. Anna loves French food; she tests new places almost every day with friends or her boyfriend. She is also a fashion addict and her favorite fashion brands are Chanel and Lanvin. For jewelry and perfume she prefers Cartier. For six years now, she has been wearing her LOVE bracelet day-to-day. She also never leaves her ring “Juste un clou”, a gift she received for her 25th birthday and switches between “Eau de Cartier” and “Baiser Volé” fragrances. Anna loves life. She is really curious and needs to keep moving. Travelling is what she enjoys the most. This summer she went to Rome for three weeks with her boyfriend. It is her favorite travel destination. She also loves flowers. Each week, she gets twenty pink roses delivered.

Watch “Tank” Cartier

In just one week, Paris Fashion Week will begin. Anna is now preparing for those crazy ten days. In her bag, she will have her camera, of course, her iPhone, a Clarins Lipstick, a pack of Kleenex tissues, a pair of flats (she is always in heels) and some chewing gum. She is impatient to experience the habitual tremendous excitement of Fashion week. Tomorrow, Anna will celebrate her 30th birthday. She doesn’t know it yet, but, her boyfriend has organized a lovely surprise for her. They will have dinner and spend the night in Plaza Athénée, one of the most romantic hotels in Paris. During this night, her boyfriend will ask for her hand in marriage, with the perfect “Cartier D’Amour” engagement ring. I wish them lots of love and happiness.

By Agathe Le Couteulx

This post was created as part of the Global Luxury Management Program at the NC State Poole School of Management. All thoughts and opinions are my own. #Luxemarketing #NCStateGLM