Hey, Teacher!

As a susceptible and intuitive student, I would like to present a few ideas and advices about teaching…

  • Be a god. Or at least a half-god. Have an aura, an irresistible charm or something secret that should underline your authority – knock the students flat on their ass. There must be a special chemistry between you and the students. This is the first and the most important piece of a puzzle that will make you an amazing teacher.
  • Act like you know everything. You don’t have to really know everything but evoke in the students that you are god-alike (as I mentioned it in the first point)
  • The only thing you should hesitate about in front of them should be considering the right way to tell them the information, so basically the way of teaching – you will look more god-alike and will probably be more considered as Mr/Mrs-I-know-everything, which is good!
  • Wear good clothes. Clothing says so much about us! It is a good way to express yourself as a teacher. And a sexy teacher or teacher crushes can force the students to learn the subject properly. And here is my special advice for high-school male teachers: wear shirts with few buttons opened ;-).
  • Make jokes! Be funny, have a good, intelligent sense of humour. This will connect you with them and they will pay attention more.

Well, this description is based on the best teachers I’ve ever had. It might be true that each personality needs something else but my experience says that this is one of the best was to become a good teacher.

*leave your comments and opinions, please :-))*

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