The day I became a millionaire

Do you still live in Denmark? You acknowledge that the Danish social safety net is important in that it ensures individuals never fall to a level of destitution from which they can never recover. Denmark now has a higher rate of social mobility than the United States. If this piece is addressed to poor people in Denmark it makes sense as they can relate to your experiences growing up without a lot of money. However, a poor person in the US or UK, where class differences are more entrenched, is in a much more precarious position and lacks the socio-economic the foundation that made it possible for you to achieve what you did. This is why I’m asking if you are still living in Denmark.

Completely agree with you that money isn’t the answer to fulfilment and happiness. Sure, it’s nice to have and a social safety net is important, but an unhappy and unfulfilled person who suddenly has no more money worries will find that the novelty of having money wears off and while it’s nice to be able to pay the bills on time and travel, money does not guarantee a satisfying and fulfilling life. That takes living. Cheers!