Nothing to Lose: Why Millennials Will Save the World
Matthew Barad

How seriously can I take a piece entitled “Why youngish people will save the world”? Not very.

The magnitude of the environmental and economic problems facing humanity require a sincere, courageous and clear-headed attempt to think our way beyond the greedy and selfish consumer/finance capitalism that has stealth invaded our world to prioritize the economy and U.S. world domination (and the garish and obscene delusions of the 0.001%) before absolutely everything…including the survival of the species.

What I see is lots of wishy washy feelgood “oh me and my dudebros, man, we’re gonna save the world yo.”

No you are not.

To loosely paraphrase the dude from the 90s Pulp flick: Priorities, motherfucker, do you understand the concept?

Let me help you out. Healthcare for all citizens? Fuck that, it’s too “expensive.” A right to make an honest living and live with a modicum of job security and time to cultivate other interests ? Nah, that’s fucking ridiculous, people just love their new role as competitive machines in a global cage fight of all against all while a few psychopaths and sociopaths amass hundreds of billions of dollars and work hard to destroy what is left of democracy.

But sure, you’re going to harness that innovative entrepreneurial spirit and save the world (while making a nice profit for your favorite billionaire overlord).

Oh and that little climate problem? No worries…we’re working on a gorgeous new game changing app that will make magical thinking a real-life reality! Trust us, we’re experts.

Wake. The Fuck. UP

Oh what am I saying. Of course doubling down on personal delusions and pathological denial, while drunk fiddling as Rome starts to go up in flames, is going to save the world.

I’m doing my part, too. Chilling with Netflix and my super sexy “autonomous” intimate companion robot doll(my new brain scanning iPhone Pixel X Android device is on pre-order!) while a batch of meth bubbles soothingly in the reinforced tub and my dial-a-dope dealer is on the way with a fat bag of oblivion. It’s all good, no worries, pardon the outburst. Tomorrow is gonna be AWESOME I just know it!

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