Still, I’m curious to know how you think the United States could better promote the kind of deep political and social change that you and I both believe is the only sustainable solution to the region’s chaos and the rise of ISIS.
“When It Comes to The Middle East, I’ve Been Wrong Enough Times to Know That It’s Important to Keep…
Justin Vogt

The United States and Europe have been promoting “deep political and social change” in the Middle East since about 1840. How’s that working out? Not so great for the people living there, but the West and Russia are only there to help themselves and their interests. The locals are a pesky problem that only get in the way. Notice how their voices are rarely heard. Probably because they are fed up with foreigners and their imperialist games and say do unequivocally. And we can’t have them getting ideas above their station. All these articles ruminating about what to do in the Middle East are exercises in bullshit. They never discuss the double-dealing and proxy conflicts and geo-political chess games that foreigners play on land that is not theirs. The declassified documents and other damming information that expose the lies the media reports and perpetuates on behalf of the state are never discussed. So, other than maintaining comforting delusions, what’s the point?