Proof That Your Government Is Lying To You And The Media Is Helping Them
Caitlin Johnstone

To the people who buy into Bana’s story as sold by CNN and friends…imagine the same studio setup, the same girl but instead of being on the side the establishment has designated “good” (i.e. al-Qaeda affiliated Islamists and mercenaries) she is awkwardly reciting talking points shoring up the narrative of the “Assad regime”. How do you think CNN would be presenting that story? If you are at all honest with yourself and don’t have your head stuck in the sand you know that they would be screaming about how evil these people are manipulating a child like this, it’s child abuse etc. You know it.

You can still think Assad is the second or third coming of Hitler or whatever and support the “rebels” and whatnot…but please, this Bana spectacle is as creepy and cringeworthy as it gets. There is no way this is authentic and Western media networks just happened to find a 7 year-old girl in Syria who has really really strong political convictions that just happen to line up exactly with the regime change narrative NATO and the USG are pushing. AND she expresses these views on Twitter in language no 7 year-old would use. These are just a few of the many inconsistencies with this story. This grotesque spectacle shows how desperate the regime change advocates are to justify their war to the public. Never mind that after six years of hard fighting the Syrian “regime” is still around and the “rebels” simply do not enjoy the popular support of the Syrian people…their country MUST be destroyed!

What’s happening here is the powers that be have lost the ability to shape and control the flow of information. And they are pulling out all the stops and doubling down on the propaganda front. It could not be more obvious. The entire Western corporate/state media apparatus is pushing the same message. From the US to Canada, the UK, Germany…they are not only singing from the same hymn book, they are singing the same hymn. It is most obvious in the stories related to Syria and Trump. This is not just a matter of opinion.

If you can’t recognize this at all and it’s never crossed your mind that something seems a little bit off may I suggest you read up on propaganda and communication techniques and apply what you’ve learned to media coverage of the Syrian war. Yeah it’s scary when much of what you’ve been taught to believe about your country and Western democracy turns out to be demonstrably false or severely distorted. And you will feel push back from people who still delude themselves that everything is basically ok and it’s just a few nasty individuals (and the scary Russians…BOO) who hate our freedoms etc. But there comes a time when courage is required. And that time is now.

If you were appalled at what was going down during George W. Bush’s two terms in office you should - if you are consistent rather than partisan - be appalled at what was going on during Obama’s eight years and now Trump’s first term. There are differences between them, sure, but they represent the same core interests. Think banking scandal, Iraq, Libya, Syria. Trump caused such a panic because those interests were afraid he might wreck their carefully constructed scam that lets them enrich themselves at your expense while convincing you this is a good thing. Whatever you may think of Trump, a byproduct of his ascendance is the end of the free ride the neoliberal scammers have had until now. And there is no going back to “like it was before” and that is a good thing and an opportunity to build something new. Who knows what the future will bring but it’s clear that the current system is broken and morally bankrupt and has no future if you value democracy and peaceful coexistence at all.

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