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Nov 10, 2018 · 2 min read

Wikipedia is a wonderful and extremely important public service that exists primarily to promote Western economic and military supremacy and lets intelligence agency operatives and private intel-for-profit contractors to whitewash, or scrub, bad information that presents Western military dominance and globalized capitalism as anything less than the awesome one-two double tap gifts to humanity every right thinking person knows them to be. Thank you Jimbo!

I used to believe some pretty bizarre and outlandish shi*t myself. Listening to Jimbone Whales spit wisdom and drop knowledge one night after a bad and unexpected break up changed all that forever. Now I know that foreign and fringe publications and books and such, no matter how convincing and “realistic” they seem, are not be trusted as reliable sources of information. They exit solely to spread one-sided propaganda, and even meme embedded mind control rays, in an attempt to subvert our superior and better way of life and everything we love and cherish…while we are on the side of good, objective and always neutral and reliable information. We are blessed with NPR and the BBC and many other perfectly objective sources to reliably present our side as the best, which it obviously is if you think about it with some guidance from Jim Bone to, uh, guide you along the straight path.

Finally, I’d just like to say that despite Jimmy and Wiki there are definitely traitors in our midst. Take this documentary on Monsanto from Australia’s ABC TV. After watching it I was curious if any of the things mentioned in it were reflected in Monsanto’s Wikipedia article. The answer is NO, not really. No mention at all of the “evidence” presented in that documentary that makes Monsanto seem…pretty terrible actually. So I have to conclude something is fishy about that ABC outfit. If any of it were true, it would be on Wikipedia, right? It’s not on Wikipedia so I can, and indeed, must, assume it was all lies distortions and propaganda. I’m not a conspiracy theorist or insane you know. And Wikipedia editors are way way smarter than a TV show from Australia, right? Right. Thanks to Jimbo Wales for a truly wonderful and amazing service and gift to humanity. That’s all I wanted to say really. Trust Jimmy…he knows what’s best and what’s best is right. TYVM

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